Child and Adolescent

Most families want their children to have a carefree and innocent childhood but that reality is often difficult to achieve.  Children and adolescents struggle with emotions and issues as painful as those of adults, if not more so given their level of development and ability to comprehend the issues and to manage their distress. We at Wellspring Counseling are dedicated to helping young people develop the tools to deal with their struggles both now and in the future.


 Children and teens are counseled individually by our licensed counselors.  Play therapy approaches are used with young children, affording the child opportunity to express emotions in a safe, non-judgmental environment, and to experience accepting adult interaction and guidance.  Older children and teens are counseled from a perspective of acceptance and guidance, to encourage development of self as they relate to peers and to family members.  Parents are encouraged to be active partners in their child’s growth, and will be asked to attend family sessions and/or parent sessions with the counselor. 


Through counseling, children and adolescents learn to deal with their world of school, family and peers, cope more effectively within those systems, and experience their own ability to overcome roadblocks and solve problems appropriate to their age and stage of development.